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Sinister Chest, Ladders & Staircases, QoL & Fixes


  • Added Sinister chest to Yanille Agility Dungeon.
  • Added NEW Client background / Logo / Icons.
  • Fixed an issue where some newly registered users couldn't login.
  • Drake bones are now tradable.
  • Tournament types are now cycled if nobody joins the currently active tournament.
  • Rune pouch is now auto kept on death outside of PvP or Wilderness.
  • Stacked voting rewards are now correctly given.
  • Fixed trimmed Mithril armor defence requirements...
  • Fixed Amethyst mining.
  • Ground items in tournament no longer show up.
  • Most ladders & staircases across the map are now functional.
  • Death and blood runes are now available in the regular Magic shop.

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