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Clue Scroll Locations

Jun 16, 2021
Here you will find a progressive Clue Scroll Locations Guide., starting from the BETA Client release.
You may find it easier to use other sources. However, you may still find use through this.

Please feel free to post your clue scroll locations in the comments below which have not been listed already, as I am not actively hunting clues and may not come across all step locations. This is an open guide for all to participate in, I will not be taking credit for this guide.

This is a rough step-location to assist those unable to locate their next clue step.


"Search a bookcase in the wizards tower" - Using Draynor teleport, run south to wizard tower.

"In a village made of bamboo, look for some crates under one of the houses." - Using the teleport to Brimhaven Dungeon and exit heading south to this location.


"AHA JAR" Jaraah. He is one of the surgeons at Duel Arena.

"DRAGONS LAMENT" Strange Old Man, can be found on the mounds of Barrows.

"EEK ZERO OP" ZooKeeper in Ardougne Zoo.

"RED ART TANS" - Speak to Trader Stan at Port Sarim Docks.

"EL OW" Speak to Lowe in Varrock range shop.

"OK CO" Speak to Cook in Lumbridge Castle. - Lumbridge Teleport Tablet.

"GOT A BOY" Gabooty. - Using Teleport Wizard to Brimhaven Dungeon and head south to Tai Bwo Wannai. Speak to NPC.

"GOBLETS ODD TOES" - Otto Godblessed. Using Teleport Wizard -> Skilling -> Barbarian Fishing. Talk to Otto.
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Jun 16, 2021
When posting, please provide the appropriate screenshots, and teleport. Thank you and good luck!

- DIG -
"8 STEPS NORTH 5 STEPS WEST" This is located on Miscellania. Go to edgevil, buy dramen staff from fairy, using fairy ring to C-I-P.

1624217218373.png 1624276266333.png 1624276286517.png

" 8 STEPS NORTH 6 STEPS WEST 2 STEPS SOUTH" This is in Morton. Teleport To Barrows and run to location shown.
1624277762052.png1624277669964.png 1624277694353.png


"Speak to Gaius in Taverley" NPC found in the Two-handed weapon shop in Taverley.
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