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Hello everyone I would like to host a few types of contest.


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Aug 11, 2021
Hello everyone I would like to host a few types of contest. But I need everyone's help in order to do so. I wanna host a f2p tournament in which there will be a reward for 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th place to insure that there is a fair chance to get something. It would be a combat bracket that y'all vote on from low pures to mains on f2p gear. Since it's not hard to lvl a easy mode acc to get decent f2p stats n gear I figured it'd be something tht any1 can do. Aswell as I would like to host a contest where u make a fresh lvl 3 easy mode acc and must only lvl and get gear in the wildy within a certain time limit let's say 2-4 hours dapends on y'all votes on lengths. To gather n gear the best as possible and I'm the end we all fight n whoever wins would receive the main prize. Who ever gains the most lvls would receive something and the one with the rarest drop would receive something. These r just simply ideas so keep in mind I'm very open for suggestions n ideas. Also I think something like wilderness survival thing could be fun starting at 3 on the wildy just like before lvl n get the best possible gear u can to be able to survive for x amount of time like a tag r hiding seek kinda thing I know it's corny but I believe it could be fun.