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Hello everyone!


Beta Tester
Jun 26, 2021
Hey guys and girs, I go by Rellekka.

I've been in the RuneScape/RSPS scene for quite some time, I started playing RuneScape in 3rd or 4th grade I believe it was, then I actually didn't play my first RSPS until about 2011/2012 I believe. But it's definitely been a journey.

My main hobbies in-game consist of pking, pvming, and skilling, which I guess is really the only 3 things you can choose from so I guess you can say I just enjoy the game altogether.
I hope to meet you guys and see you all in-game, I have great expectations for this server!

Hope to see you around!


Beta Tester
Jun 25, 2021
Welcome to Seers @Rellekka ,

Based on what I am reading, you could say that your hobbies, when it comes to OSRS in-game activities, are kinda mixed. I believe the only thing missing would be minigames such as Wintertodt or even Pest Control. One is more skill-oriented and the other is more... fun?

Anyway, hope to see you in-game when the server releases! (y)


Jun 10, 2021
Welcome Relekka!

We are glad you have great expectations for the server so do we :) Hope to see you in-game and on the release!