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~~Price Guide~~ (subject to changes)

Aug 13, 2021
This guide will be updated daily for the first week and then weekly as needed, gives players a rough idea of what to pay for items in game and ALL prices are subject to change.

Price Guide


Abyssal Whip - 5-10m
Tent Whip 15-25m

Dragon Warhammer

Toxic Staff 50-100m

Armadyl Godsword - 75-100m

Bandos Godsword - 75m

Zamorak Godsword - 50m

Saradomin Godsword - 50m

Dragon Claws - 500m

Twisted Bow 500m

Craw's Bow 75-100m
Viggora's Chainmace 75-100m
Thammaron's Sceptre 50m


Dharoks set - 20m

Ahrims set - 20-25m

Karils set - 20-25m

Torags, Guthans, Veracs - 10m

Bandos Chestplate - 35-40m

Bandos Tassets - 50m

Armadyl Helmet - 15m

Armadyl Chestplate - 50 -75m

Armadyl Plateskirt - 50 - 75m

Dragonfire shield - 25-35m

Vesta Set - 100m

Statius Set - 100m

Eternal - 30m
Pegasian - 30m
Primordial - 30-40m

Malediction ward - 50-75m
Odium ward 50-75m

Obsidian armor set 15 - 20m

Spirit shields

Spirit shield 5m
Blessed spirit shield 25m
Arcane 75m
Divine 75-100m
Spectral 60m
Elysian 60m


Berserker Ring - 10-15m

Seers Ring - 5m

Archers Ring - 10-15m

Warriors Ring - 3m


Rare Drop scroll 3-5m
Pet Drop scroll 3m-5m
Bonus XP scroll 5m-10m
Obelisk Destination scroll 3-5m
Bounty teleport scroll 50m

Ecumenical Key - 5 - 8m

Ring of Wealth 500k - 1m

Mystery Box - 20m

Amulet of Fury 5-10m

Seeds (wide range) 3-10k ea [currently]

Bones (wide range) 10k-35k ea {currently}


iron ore 1k-2k ea
coal 2k-4k ea
Addy ore 4k-8k ea
Runite ore 5k-10k ea
Gold ore 3k ea

Raw / cooked fish

Anglers 20k/45k
Mantas 15k/20k

Super Restores 30k ea
Saradomin Brews 15k-25k ea​