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Promaster's Agility guide


Jun 10, 2021
Greetings all and welcome to my Agility skilling guide!
Getting started:

To start this skill, you won't need any items or lvl requirements.

First of all, I recommend putting Runelite's agility option ON.

This will highlight green the spot you need to click to complete the run.


Simply teleport ::home and talk to the Seers wizard.

Click on the skilling teleports and choose Agility: Gnome Stronghold Couse.



Once you are there. Simply click on the green marks until you complete runs. Then do it again till the next lvl require. Always complete the course as it's the last step that gives the most XP, and it won't give you 100% of the XP if you did not complete the rest of the run first.


Here are some of the major Agility courses you can easily teleport to from Seers Teleport Wizard.

Time and XP per agility runs

Mode : Standard . No bonus XP rate

Time (seconds)​
Lvl 1 Gnome Stronghold Course382 49065.53
Lvl 10 Draynor Rooftop413 60087.80
Lvl 20 Al Kharid Rooftop645 40084.38
Lvl 30 Varrock Rooftop657 140109.85
Lvl 35 Barbarian Agility Course334 215127.73
Lvl 40 Canifis Rooftop427 200171.43
Lvl 50 Falador Rooftop6513 200203.08
Lvl 52 Wilderness Agility Course*3821 427563.87
Lvl 60 Seers Village Rooftop3017 100570
Lvl 80 Rellekka Rooftop4523 400520
Lvl 90 Ardougne Rooftop4523 790528.67

* This is a PVP area. Don't bring anything you can't afford to lose. Bring a knife and some stamina potions.
Teleport to mage bank ( ::mb ), use the Lever. Slash web and run West. When you come across Darren, you will be able to see the agility course.
Find the entry just south of it.


Graceful clothing
While doing agility runs, you will be able to pick up graceful marks on the ground. Once you have enough, you can buy full graceful from Grace in Rogues Den. Go to Teleport wizard to get teleport over there.
You can also buy Amylases Packs which are used in herblore to create Stamina potions.

** Path will be red when you have graceful mark dropped in the agility course:



Remember to use double weekend XP events to help get those lvl faster.
You can use Bonus XP scroll from voting or buying them from players.

Congratulations!! You made it to level 99 in agility!
Go talk to Mac south of ::home to claim your skill cape.




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