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Promaster's Thieving guide


Jun 10, 2021
Greetings all and welcome to my Thieving skilling guide!

Warning There is a bots checkpoint on this skill. After a certain time, a guard will spawn watching you steal. If you fail to talk to him, he will send you to jail where you will have to mine until you complete your sentence before leaving the area.


Getting started:

For this skill, you don't need any requirements or tools.

First step is gonna be to pickpocket a man. They are located north-west of ::home place. Once you get to LVL 5 of thieving, go to the thieving stall located east of the ::home bank.


Steal from the stalls until you reach LVL 27. Once you are LVL 27, you can teleport to draynor using the Thieving: Draynor market teleport from seers teleport wizard.


There you can steal from stalls that will give you seeds which will be very useful for farming/herblore skills.

LVL 38, you can start pickpocketing master farmer who should give even more useful seeds.


At LVL 42, you can go to Rellekka fishing stall to steal some raw food, which will be useful to lvl up cooking.
Get there by taking the agility: Rellekka Rooftop teleport from seers teleport Wizard.


At LVL 50, you can go to Rogues Den to steal gems from wall safe.


Here are some XP per stall rates I gathered up.

Respawn time (seconds)​
LVL 1 Pickpocketing a man4240 XP60
LVL 5 Baker stall3480 XP160
LVL 20 Silk stall3720 XP240
LVL 27 Seeds stall4300 XP75
LVL 35 Fur stall61 080 XP180
LVL 38 Master farmer31 290 XP430
LVL 42 Fish stall61 260 XP210
LVL 50 Silver stall61 620 XP270
LVL 50 Rogues Den52 100 XP420
LVL 75 Gem stall104 800 XP480
Disclaimer: All XP were taken on an easy mode account, with x1 XP rate. Use 2xp on weekends, and XP scroll to boost your XP rate.

You can actually triple stall steal @ ::home, wich will give you the most xp/seconds because you will avoid to wait for the stall to restock as you go on other stall meanwhile.

Congratulations!! You made it to level 99 in Thieving!
Go talk to Mac south of ::home to claim your skill cape.




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Aug 2, 2021
HC Ironman
Hi, thanks for guide. But one question, how we can get rogues outfit's? Thanks.
Aug 1, 2021
Beautiful looking guide, however I believe it's outdated. Triple stalling @ home is the fastest way to 99.