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Promaster'S Woodcutting guide


Jun 10, 2021
Hi there everyone and welcome to my Woodcutting guide!

Getting started: FIrst, you will need an axe. From ::home, go north to the shops' area. Trade Skilling store and buy Iron axe and rune axe*.



* You don't actually need to wear the rune axe to cut with it, so you don't need LVL 40 attack.

Starting to cut some trees: I recommend going north from this same shop. You will find some normal trees, oak and willow to get started until you reach lvl 50. Then look at Locations's spoiler to see other good spots.

1625433706220.png LVL required for trees
Level 1 : Normal trees
Level 15: Oak trees
Level 30: Willow trees
Level 35: Teak trees
Level 42: Jupiter trees
Level 45: Maple trees
Level 50: Mahogany trees
Level 60: Yew trees
Level 75: Magic trees
Level 90: Redwood trees

1625433771777.png LVL required for hatchet
Level 1: Iron axe
Level 6: Steel axe
Level 11: Black axe
Level 21: Mithril axe
Level 31: Adament axe
Level 41: Rune axe
Level 61: Dragon axe - 3rd age axe - Infernal axe (as a chance of burning the logs, giving firemaking XP)
Level 70: Crystal axe

1625433754534.png XP per logs

Normal logs
750 XP​
Oak logs
1 125 XP​
Willow logs
2 025 XP​
Teak logs
2 550 XP​
Jupiter logs
1 050 XP​
Maple logs
3 000 XP​
Mahogany logs
3 750 XP​
Yew logs
5 250 XP​
Magic logs
7 500 XP​
Redwood logsRedwood located in WC Guild. Not accessible at the moment of the creation of this guide.

Disclaimer: All XP were taken on an easy mode account, with x1 XP rate. Use 2xp on weekends, and XP scroll to boost your XP rate.

1625434033939.png Locations

Lvl 1-50 North of the shop area at ::home

Lvl 50 Tai Bwo Wannai* for mahogany logs

Lvl 60 Come back ::home to chops yew located west of bank

Lvl 75 Magic trees. South from ::home, you will find the Sorcerer's tower. It has 4 magic trees. 3 more just north of the tower.


Pro tips: bring a knife in your inventory to craft arrows shaft at the same time with the logs you get to lvl up fletching.
bring a tinderbox in your inventory to burn the logs and get some fire making XP.


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